Heylin Restart
Hello PS, My Old Friend! by BananaSpice
July 10th, 2019, 4:43 pm
Thanks to our dear reader QuailyBird we have reattained Photoshop!! It's an older version than what I'm used to, so there's a bit of adjusting my usual work style for it, but I think we'll manage!

We will still be maintaining the "No Update Schedule" method for now, and page updates will continue irregularly (but more often) for the foreseeable future!

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Heylin Restart Has Returned! by BananaSpice
June 27th, 2019, 1:29 pm
For the third time, HR is once more back to updating!

Did we get the Photoshop issue figured out? Not in the slightest.
Did we decide to keep making the comic anyway despite the pages not matching anymore? You BET we did!

We got tired of waiting for a chance at internet access to fix the problem/replace the program. It’s a fan comic. Nobody cares if all the pages match or not, so long as they exist.

We’ll be attempting to keep the story going once again, this time using only the few program Mod Spice already has access to. Maybe some day we’ll get enough regular support to afford a home internet connection!

Until then, We have Patreon | Ko-Fi | Tumblr | Discord
Bad News: HR Frozen by BananaSpice
May 9th, 2019, 2:23 pm
It's with great distress that I announce HR will stop updating, yet again. I'm not sure how long it will be and yes I know there are more pages on the old version but hear me out.

So it seems, at least according to AdobeCC, that my version of Photoshop that I've had since, oh jeez, 2011? and gifted by my partner of the time, is not "officially recognized Adobe Software". So I was bombarded with endless popups every few minutes when connected to the internet telling me I had ## days to delete it or else...? I'm not sure what the or else was but I got so fed up with being interrupted I went ahead and deleted it.

"It'll be fine" I thought. "I can just download CC and use the free trial to finish up these edits an figure something else out." Didn't happen. Apparently Adobe wont let me download even a free trial without coughing up credit card info which I have no intention of giving such a sleezy company.

I've tried Gimp, and Sai, and I'm sure there are other programs out there that might work as well, but thus far I've not found a program that will exactly replace Photoshop, or not remove many/or all of the effects and settings I had on the page layers (panel borders, word bubbles, pattern overlays, layer effects, text, etc).

Can this comic be continued without all those things? Probably yes, but it'll take more work than I have the emotional energy for. Not to mention the Comic's endgame is still not solidified more than the vague notion of what we want to accomplish, and the Xiaolin Showdown fandom is dead so there's rarely ever comments/asks/etc about the story to keep us focused and excited to produce more of it.

So I guess until I can either afford to pay the ridiculous monthly fees for Photoshop, Find a program that fully replaces it, or have the emotional energy to redo the whole comic again so the pages match, HR will once more be on extended Hiatus.

Sorry Folks,
Mod Spice
Heylin Restarted! by BananaSpice
November 19th, 2018, 7:12 pm
Yes, it HAS been a while! But yes! We are once again uploading Heylin Restart!

As much as I loved it's site on Comic Fury, I just haven't the time anymore for such a hands on experience. Smackjeeves always felt more streamlined to me, and even has Patreon connectivity features, so we're going to try things out here!

You see, though you'll recognize the art and general story line for the first chapter or so, the comic HAS changed. Before, it's script had strayed and got really out of hand. We've since wrangled it and worked out something much more fitting. The old version of the comic will remain online as is for archive and remembrance purposes. We've come so far! Looking between the old and new pages the differences should quickly become apparent, significantly in the writing.

So hold onto your hats! We'll be updating once a week til the end of Chapter 1!