Heylin Restart
Heylin Restarted! by BananaSpice
November 19th, 2018, 7:12 pm
Yes, it HAS been a while! But yes! We are once again uploading Heylin Restart!

As much as I loved it's site on Comic Fury, I just haven't the time anymore for such a hands on experience. Smackjeeves always felt more streamlined to me, and even has Patreon connectivity features, so we're going to try things out here!

You see, though you'll recognize the art and general story line for the first chapter or so, the comic HAS changed. Before, it's script had strayed and got really out of hand. We've since wrangled it and worked out something much more fitting. The old version of the comic will remain online as is for archive and remembrance purposes. We've come so far! Looking between the old and new pages the differences should quickly become apparent, significantly in the writing.

So hold onto your hats! We'll be updating once a week til the end of Chapter 1!